GEOME is a free app that helps you share your location with others or ask your friends or relatives for their whereabouts with a single click. The service provides confidential location swap, meaning that only you and your friend/relatives will know where you are at any given time.:

It’s such a relief to know where my children are without me having to wait for them to call or text. I have my weekend evenings back!

Late for a meeting or caught up in a traffic jam? The app will inform meeting colleagues exactly how far away you are:

There is nothing worse when late for a meeting then spending further minutes updating my work colleagues exactly how far away I am, making me even more late.

Geome is an ideal app for the whole family. Just install Geome on your phone for your friends/colleagues/family and children to let you know where they are without you needing to wait for a text. The service is quick, immediate and safe.