First rule of demand is not to create demand (as that costs money) but rather tap into basic psychological desire. With more people living online the craving for human contact will increase ever more.

I am in town, I have an hour to spare, I could go to a coffee shop on my own but I’d rather be in company. Where are my friends right now?

Instead of saying it is synchronous to bump into your friend would it not be better to say technology did it instead, engendered by you being ahead of the curve? Never miss out again and always stay in contact with your tribe.

Impromptu Encounters. Immediacy of the Moment

Aren’t spare of the moment encounters always the most refreshing? Be a part of the immediate, the what used to be ‘coincidental’. How difficult is it to get your friends together? GEO ME does it for you, all you have to do is be logged in.

Expect the unexpected

Meet new people in a geographical area profiled according to tastes and preferences.