The app

Based on similar technology to Apple’s Find My Friends, Four Square’s Swarm, Sup and other players in the market place. The principle is simple: To geo-locate people important to me they need to be able to geo-locate me. GEO ME is designed for this very purpose. Whether it is for home, work, shopping, travel or socialising it will always be handy to know where the people that matter to you are.

Big brother already knows where you are, your little brother might as well too.

The geo-location of humans is big business and it is going to become more prevalent in the next 5 years. Advertisers are going to personalise their ads like they do already on your computer or cell phone only now it will happen in the real (non-virtual) world of bus stops, train stations and shopping malls. All of this will occur because your mobile phones is the transmitter this future technology picks up.

Signing up with GEOME and specifying your preferences and tastes will give you the privacy you need and deserve. Change your settings or just turn off the app. It’s that simple!